Some places make it easier than others

Hi fitness fam!

It’s a hot one here today in Phoenix…summer is upon us and every year I forget just how hot it gets. To make matters worse, our downstairs AC decided this is the year it will give up and die. This is what we get for having perfect winters I suppose.

Even with the heat, I’m happy to be back at home in the desert with my husband and puppies. I just finished a two week work trip to San Fransisco. While I love California…I am NOT a city girl! I need space and greenery. I don’t do well weaving through strangers in a concrete jungle. However, I did find some incredible spots to eat and exercise. I fell in love with BlueBottle Coffee…their espresso was a dream. I had the chance to do a heavy leg day at the Embarcadero YMCA while staring out at the bay. I sweated it out with a college girlfriend at F45 for the first time. I had the best spicy curry I’ve ever had. I walked nearly everywhere I went, racking up those steps. I almost fell off a treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp, but survived the Red Room. Overall, it was a trip of new adventures of food and fitness! Oh, and a little work just in case my boss is reading 😉

Please Blue Bottle…come to Arizona I beg you.

Beyond the city, I am a self admitted poor traveler. I am a creature of habit, maybe to a fault. I spend Sunday’s planning dinners for the week for myself and Marquess. I plan out lunch and snacks to bring to the office. I plan which days I’ll be doing Crossfit, working out at home, or going to Bodi. I live and breathe by my habits. Traveling throws me out of this!

The view from Hog Oyster Company where I had the best clam chowder I’ve ever had. Don’t miss out on these experiences!

Part of building a sustainable lifestyle requires learning flexibility. This is something I work on myself. Learning and knowing how to order food, or plan a workout, when you are out of your usual element is crucial to your success with your health and fitness goals. Life isn’t a perfect series of planned out days. I’ve put together a list of a few travel tips I live by to keep on track with my goals when I am out of town!

SkyeFit Travel Tips:

  1. Pack snacks for the airplane– Airports are notorious for a plethora of junk food options. Nothing says vacation like a 7 am slice of pizza I guess! Our brains are wired to associate food with certain events (think of the movies… usually your popcorn is half gone just from the previews right?) and the airports is one of them. Because eating before or during a flight is common, the non-nutritious snacks that surround us sound even better. Throw in a layover where you miss lunch and it’s too easy to fall off. Solve this by packing healthy snacks before you go. This will save you time AND money on an expensive meal. While liquids won’t make it through TSA, snacks like veggies and hummus in tupperware, low sugar beef/turkey jerky, hard boiled eggs, protein powder in a shaker, plain greek yogurt, fruit, and nuts all will.
  2. Bring simple exercise equipment in your carry on- While traveling in San Fran, great fitness was all around me. But not all work travel or vacation destinations do. Bring a few resistance bands, a jump rope, or an ab roller. These are lightweight and easily packable equipment that could up the intensity of a hotel room workout. If you want to explore the place you’re traveling to, opt for walking rather than an Uber to add in a little extra work!
  3. Grocery stores are your best friend- While there may not be healthy restaurant options near you, all grocery stores have simple options you can throw in the hotel room mini bar. Most grocery stores have a build your own salad bar that can be a great quick dinner if you’re on your own. Pre packaged options like small veggie trays, pre cooked chicken, and hardboiled eggs, all are simple and nutritious lunches or dinners when you can’t find a better option.
  4. Choose the best meals you can, let it go when you can’t – I’ve been on plenty of work trips and family vacations where I had no input on the restaurant we ate at. While this can be frustrating, simply try and pick the best option you can. If you’re at a burger joint, most places will serve protein style. Pizza parlors often times have salads you can add a protein to. Choosing the best option in a less than perfect situation, is better than nothing! But on the flip side, it’s okay when your meal doesn’t fit your macros or goals. Part of a flexible diet is knowing that not every single meal has to be perfect, your goals won’t go away because your co-workers prefer nachos and beer.
  5. Ask your hotel for corporate gym deals– Often times hotels will have gyms inside where you stay, score! But many cities have small facilities that aren’t great if you’re trying to get a good sweat on. Ask the front desk if they give out passes to local gyms in the area. I did, and my hotel had free day passes to the YMCA down the street. It ended up being an incredible facility and I was happy I asked! Also, using social media to ask for fitness recommendations can connect you with old friends who have suggestions. Apps like MindBody and ClassPass can show you local drop in deals that make visiting a new gym cost effective.
  6. Enjoy the trip! Whether it’s a mandatory work trip, a vacation, or anything in between, it’s okay to simply enjoy your time. A week away from your healthy routine won’t kill your progress. Choose your best options along the way, and enjoy a new city or experience!

Need more travel tips, or help with your routine? I’m your gal. Drop a comment below, or reach out on social media.