Lil ole me, swinging away

Hey ya’ll,

My name is Skye and welcome to my page! I guess the thing to do as a millennial is blog, so here we are.

All jokes aside, starting this blog has been a goal of mine for a long time. I found my way to fitness and nutrition through a series of bumps along the way. I find exercise and diet to be two pillars in my life, and I’m so excited to share them with you.

I found fitness in a low period of my life. Leaving an abusive relationship left me hollow and wondering who I was. Growing up active, exercise for me was more about sports than spending time in a gym. But when a friend invited me to a bootcamp class in the midst of my depression, I thought it couldn’t hurt. I was hooked immediately. The emotional pain I couldn’t control could now be channeled into a physical pain that was building strength. I built myself back up, with chalky palms and a barbell in my hands.

The physical strength gave me more confidence than I had ever had. It fueled a desire to educate myself even further. My Mother, a strength coach, aerobics teacher, and former tri-athlete, always used to say, “You cannot out train a bad diet.” I was lifting and exercising like crazy, but needed a foundation of knowledge when it came to what I fueled my body with. I studied to receive my Precision Nutrition certification to allow me to be a nutrition coach for others looking to learn more about the food we eat.

As a fitness enthusiast and a nutrition coach, I preach balance. I’m a huge believer in a realistic, and sustainable lifestyle. Fitness and nutrition are nothing if you aren’t enjoying your day to day. My philosophy focuses on a “little bit of everything.” Exercise, diet, rest and fun in-between is how I feel success and balance is found.

Keep up with me as I post all about my fitness world, and the lifestyle that comes with it.